AJAX Website Programming

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), it is a group of interconnected web development technique and programming language for creating interactive web applications. Ajax programming solve the problem the page loading, it make the web application fast and interactive development. Ajax programming solution save a lot of time as it sends data over the Internet without reloading the whole page.

IT outsourcing china has a good experience in the specific technology areas incorporated in AJAX and the projects for AJAX web applications. We offer an excellent group of skilled and experienced AJAX developers to offer complete solutions to meet the client’s business requirements.

IT Outsourcing China uses AJAX as its main component of the CMS (content management system) and DMS (Document management system), in order to provide the perfect web application to the clients. The AJAX programmer and web developer of IT Outsourcing China have extreme knowledge and expertise of this latest technology so that they can deliver exactly as the requirement of the client.

The AJAX & XML expert of our company mixes multiple programming languages with the developing technologies providing the most recent services to the clients. Our growing and development rate of knots works in a powerful way to the projects we hold to. We create dynamic and powerful web applications.  We specialize in developing AJAX-driven ecommerce shopping cart applications, image gallery applications and Content Management systems and many more.

Benefits of using AJAX web solution

  • The AJAX application is based on open standards and is supported by many browsers and platforms; so no worries of vendor lock-in
  • The application aids in requesting small bits of information from the server instead of whole pages.
  • AJAX standards, has been informally around for more than a few years, so switching over from HTML and form-based applications to rich AJAX style applications will not cause much trouble.
  • AJAX Developers and expert have come up with some really great software by merging both AJAX and Flash in agreement. The developers can also mix multiple programming languages to get the best outcomes.
  • Fortune 500 enterprises including major financial institutions, government agencies, airlines, and other major industries have taken to AJAX
  • AJAX interfaces are vital components of many Web 2.0 applications. For instance both Backpack to Google Maps are using it.
  • AJAX perfectly suited to any standard Web server and server-side language. PHP, ASP. ASP.NET, Perl, JSP, Cold Fusion, and so onwards.