Multimedia Solutions

Multimedia word is a combination of media and content. Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, images, animation and video. Multimedia is an electronically delivered combination of media including video, images, animation, audio, sound and text in such a way that can be accessed. Multimedia used in various areas like advertisements, presentation, art, education, entertainment, mathematics, business.

In corporate presentation we have seen Power Point presentation many times. It is an also example of Multimedia. Multimedia used in creative industries like advertisement, commercial art and news media. Some video games are also using multimedia. Multimedia on the web is sound, music, videos, and animations. Some modern browsers have support for many multimedia formats.

Multimedia means many media, Media includes video, still photo, animation, audio, sound and text. Media where every type of information can be represented, stored, transmitted and processed digitally.

IT Outsourcing China is a leading Multimedia service provider and web designing & developmesnt company. We gratify our services into different multimedia stands like Web design and development, Presentations, Print solutions, 2D/3D design, E-Learning and online marketing Solutions. IT Outsourcing China is an experience design and development company addressing communication and multimedia solutions. Our client engagements include brand strategy, identity systems, user interfaces, web sites, presentations, promotions, corporate present CDs, e-mail campaigns and so on.

At IT Outsourcing China, creative design is skillfully integrated with technical intelligence and business strategy to come together as result-oriented solutions. Our practice areas - from identity to content strategy, from design to technology, E-Marketing, Web development, Technology Consulting, Enterprise Applications, Brand Management, Content Management System, B2B & B2C, Documentation and Web designing.


  • Usability and User Research
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Web Interface Design
  • Software Interface Development
  • Interactive Web Sites
  • Micro sites
  • Flash Advertisements
  • User Interface Development
  • 2D-3D Animation
  • Multimedia Graphic Designing
  • Flash Movies and Applications
  • Website and Portal design and development
  • Logo and Banner design in flash
  • Web Promotions
  • Template Design
  • Online Promotions
  • Interactive User Forums
  • Flash Movies and Applications
  • e-Brochures
  • Flash Development Audio/Video streaming, Animations etc
  • E-marketing Services
  • Online Surveys