Business card design

Business cards are snap shots that you carry with you as conveyers about you and your businesses. While technically defining Business Cards, they are card bearing information about you and your company profile which are used as mediums of exchange while you introduce yourselves in first meeting.

A business card typically or technically contains the following information on it:

  • Giver's name,
  • Giver's Company name with logo
  • Company affiliation (usually with a logo)
  • Contact information such as street addresses, telephone number(s), fax number, e-mail addresses and website

Even in this era of electronic communication and virtual trading, we have not been able to fully evade off the need for the print media. Very few among us can deny to the fact that a well-designed business card still carries a lot of impact. We at IT Outsourcing China understand this importance of a well-designed business card in creating and managing an impression on the minds of your customers. That's why we bring you revolutionary business card design solutions that will empower you to represent your company on that small piece of paper in the best way possible for maximum effect and productivity.

Before you design your Business Card, the most important fact is that you think over what you want to convey, your colors and the most important – your budget. IT Outsourcing China provides the most attractive looking and well conveying Business card as the most affordable and competitive rates in the markets.

You have to remember a few things while you are looking in for your business card templates to be memorably remarkable.

  • Evade the idea of printing your business card on your computer.
  • The font used must be easy yet stylish to read.
  • Limit the number of colors in use. Limit them to 2. Anywhere and anything looses its beauty when we use multi colors ranging beyond 2.
  • Design your phrases or jingles that it affects the readers at the first go.
  • These days, a trend of using personal photograph has caught air. The reason behind it is that that it is human to forget the face of the person among the numerous cards that we carry in the wallet. A photograph helps well to get the facial form drawn back in our minds.

Types of Business Cards:

There are a variety of business cards in kind. Its just link the more no of people we are the more ideas we have. But to mark a level of ease for the entire cadre of people included in the business card industry a few professional names have been listed.

  • Single Sided Card
  • Two Sided Card
  • Emboss Card
  • One/Two Color Card
  • Multi Color Card
  • The trade business card
  • Corporate business cards
  • Personal business cards
  • Marketing business cards

So, after you select the type of card, it is we who get your visualization penned into a design and all set and ready to print. So all you have to worry about is the printing. Be very carful with the printing of the card so that all the charm in the design is retained. So finally you have in your hands your very own interactive business card that you had perceived.